It's about Your story,
Your symptoms,
Your body.

The Vogel Method

65 min Manual Lymphatic Drainage Medical Massage

TO: function better, to feel better

FOR:  pre/post surgery, oncology, autoimmune, Lyme, Lymphedema, 

and general wellness


...With 47 years of experience, we listen
With 30 years of licensure, education and expertise,
we care.
we listen to your experiences, and symptoms,
as their reflections help point the way to wellness. 
Click below to schedule your first introductory appointment at
 5002 Main Street, Suite A, Downers Grove 
3100 Theodore Street, Suite 202, Joliet 
(second floor/elevator/wheelchair accessible)
with Clinic Director and NLC Founder, Sharon M. Vogel,

to receive Manual Lymphatic Drainage Medical Massage (MLD),

Myofascial Release (JFB MFR), 

RF Fractional, PEMF Machine Lymph Drainage,

or Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).




Plus, you will learn which of our services are right for your condition, receive self-maintenance techniques for home, and receive a customized care plan for better health through lymph services.


Did you know that lymph massage is beneficial two times per week/2x by self-massage, your favorite massage therapist, or even here at NLC by a board certified practitioner LMT/CLT+.  The reason for 2x is because the lymph system has a water current that gets sluggish with lymphatic load on  most people every three days (2x per week).

It is sort of like a dryer vent that gets full of lint after the third load.

We help that. 

We teach that. 




The Vogel Method  for Lymphatic situations
With 30 years of manual therapy through IL state licensure,
we have the caring nature and industry experience to help. 
Our Biomedical background, BCTMB National Board Certification, as well as CLT Certified Lymph Therapists have created a unique three-step protocol, The Vogel Lymphatic Method:
  • STEP 1
    • The Vogel Method Myofascial Release (VMFR) to unwind post-surgical scar tissue, fibrotic fascia restrictions, tightness, and more. 
  • STEP 2
    • Vogel Method Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage (VMLD), to drain swelling. A Certified  Lymphedema Therapist (CLT) is Licensed and Certified through their scope of practice to perform this step. Manual and/or Machine Lymphatic Drainage is essential otherwise, cellulitis may occur. Without drainage, the fluid released during Myofascial Release will essentially be "pushed toward a closed doorway" and accumulate within the body, which causes swelling.
  • STEP 3
    • Vogel Method Lymphatic Medical Massage (VMT), to feel better and gain greater mobility. This step is performed by a Licensed and Certified whom is trained in Lymphatic Massage.
Why the name "National"?
  • Sharon M. Vogel is the NLC Founder, Clinic Director, and a BCTMB. This is a National board Certified Practitioner and is called out of state to assist with challenging cases.
  • The main location is in Downers Grove but developed the name when there was also an office in Arizona, and various offices in Illinois as well as office sharing with other physicians.
  • Vogel was awarded to teach continuing education by the NCBTMB, a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.
  • NLC is IL state accredited, staffed with licensed practitioners.
  • Vogel is also fond of the name "National" as she graduated Valedictorian cum laude with a BS-Biomedical from National University of Health Sciences.
  • Sharon Vogel is also very patriotic as she has a genealogy of the Daughters of the American Revolution D. A. R. 

Who refers their patients to NLC?


Many Plastic Surgeons, Medical Doctors, Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine and some Practitioners from Mayo Clinic refer patients specifically to Sharon Vogel, Licensed and Board Certified, by way of the clinic's reputation by name, trusting patients to usage of their blend of care which has developed over 29+ years.  The specific blend is "The Vogel Method" which is a 3-step process of myofascial release, lymph drainage, and lymph massage.

The manual lymphatic drainage work that the clinic specializes in is endorsed by:

  • American Cancer Society
  • The Academy of Lymphatic Studies
  • Midwest Naturopathic College of Medicine
  • National Cancer Institute


We specialize in care for:

  • General Health & Wellness
  • Pre/Post Explant Breast Implant Illness (BII)
  • Pre/Post plastic/cosmetic surgery 
  • Post C-Section surgery
  • Pre/Post Mastectomy
  • Oncology 
  • Lymphedema, AWS Axillary Web Syndrome Cording
  • Stagnant lymphatic system, Congestion
  • and more

Due to:

  • Brain fog
  • Scar tissue
  • Swelling
  • Lymph Node removal
  • Radiation or chemotherapy
  • Sluggish lymphatic system  
  • and more




Referral by Dr S. Billing:

"I have been seeing Sharon for 4 years now and what a difference she has made in my life.  
I had cystic breasts and used to go to see a breast surgeon to have them drained which was painful and caused scar tissue.  
Sharon is able to remove that same fluid without needles and creating scar tissue.  I have since had breast cancer and 3 lymph nodes removed and Sharon has been teaching me how to retrain my body to
get rid of the fluid build up that once my lymph nodes took care of. I can't think of a more qualified person to send anyone to!"  
Dr Sheri Billing, AuD, F-AAA 

National Lymphatic Centers, Inc. BBB Business Review


Featured Items & Specials



We offer series of (5) , (10) and (15)  to suit the needs of most clients. The timing and quantity of appointments is specific to any surgeries and any pre existing conditions you may have. Receive the relief that you need with The Vogel Method.  Patients tell us that they have found a profound softening  of hard lumps and bumps, plus alleviated hardness from bloating and fullness with Vogel Method manual lymphatic drainage massage VMLD as soon as their first treatment.   Our practitioners create a lymphatic flow that continues for 2-3 days on average. Do understand that the swelling returns, but it is like bath water running to cleanse the tissue and help you to heal.  The secret is to continue to receive regular VMLD until you body is back to normal.  After an intake, assessment, evaluation and consult, your practitioner will customize a care plan designed to suit your needs. CLICK FOR (5)(10)(15) SERIES IN DOWNERS GROVE CLICK FOR (5)(10)(15) SERIES IN JOLIET



Click here to schedule your INTRO FIRST VISIT with Clinic Director and Founder Sharon M Vogel Service offers health intake, consultation, assessment, evaluation, plus Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help pre/post surgical patients or to detoxify from from diet, medications, toxins, fats, and alleviate edema of many forms thus helping to alleviate edema, pain, muscle pain of many forms plus encourage immune system.

Dermaplaning Photo


Dermaplaning is a physical exfoliation that gently "shaves" the skin's surface, removing the top-most layer of dead skin along with fine, vellus hair (peach fuzz.), then refreshing Jelly Masque.

Cranial Manual Lymph Drainage Photo

Cranial Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage is clinically proven to help drain "lymphatic load" of "protein-rich fluid" from the brain, organs, and the tissues of the body.  I am referred to by practitioners at Mayo Clinic and National Surgeons directly.  The lymph work that I do is endorsed by the American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and Academy of Lymphatics.  

Abdul Agha, MMBS, Board Certified -Speaks Arabic Photo

Abdul Agha, MMBS, Board Certified -Speaks Arabic

LMT-BCTMB, CLT-LANAHello, I am Abdu, Clinic Director and Lymphedema Therapist here at NLC: For my patients, I make things simple again, using my hands as well as my heart, I help my clients relax and bring them back to a world where life is meaningful !!!  You'll find me to be friendly, respectful and professional.    My Specialties include  Certified Pre surgical, post surgical lymphatic drainage specialist.  Licensed massage therapist, , Complete Decongestive Therapy,  Board Certified, LMT-BCTMB , CLT-LANA  Trigger point management Sports massage. Muscle Energy Technique for all muscle and tendon pains,  Full body lymphatic drainage / massage to relief migraines, stress and to activate lymphatic system.  Lymphatic drainage treatments accelerate the absorption and transportation of lymphatic fluids which contain allergens, toxins, bacteria, cell fragments, dead cells, viruses, and proteins,” This acceleration of the lymphatic system is an evidence-backed Trusted Source game changer for people with lymphedema or other conditions involving the lymphatic system. It can even help to reduce swelling after surgery, Levitt Gainsley notes that the treatment is also helpful for conditions such as acne, migraines, eczema, and digestive disorders.   My life's work includes:  Worked as Physician with the United Nations for 25 years  Certified Lymphedema Therapist(CLT) from American Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACLOS) USA,  Sebastian, Florida. Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MLD, ACLOS, Sebastian, Florida, USA. Certified Complete Decongestive Therapist, CDT, ACLOS, Sebastian, Florida, USA. Passed the United States Medical Licensing Examinations, USMLE, Philadelphia, PA. SOMA Institute for clinical massage therapy ( Chicago, Ilinois) Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) , Chicago, Illinois. Sports Massage Therapy, SOMA Institute, (Chicago, Illinois) American Board Certified for Massage Therapy and Body Works, ( BCTMB)

Sharon M. Vogel Board Certified Photo

Sharon M. Vogel Board Certified

CLT Specialist, LC, LMt-BCTMB, BS-BiomedicalWith 30 years of experience, I have learned to listen, look, ask, and help piece the mosaic of symptoms into a more clear picture of health.  Your quickest way to health is my focus.  I have current competence in a specialized area of study, inflammation, immune system, nutrition, myofascial release, and manual lymph drainage.  My credentials include Graduate anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and more, a Bachelors in Biomedical Sciences with an emphasis in the chemistry of Nutrition.  This means that I can help your body function better as I understand the body's functioning systems down to the cellular level.    My continuing education in lymphatics include Midwest Naturopathic School of Medicine, trained Manual Lymph drainage with the Mitchell method, CLT with the ACOLS  & Vodder method of MLD.  I am nationally board certified as therapeutic massage and bodywork and a nationally certified NLN CLT Certified Lymphedema therapist, specializing in Complete Decongestive Therapy for Lymphedema, Lipedema, post-lipo swelling, post-surgical swelling, and Pre/post lymphnodectomy after mastectomy, Breast Implant Illness BII  Pre/Post Explant.   Medical Massage & Craniosacral, Myofascial Release the John Barnes approach, Cranialfascia release with manual lymph drainage for Brain & Body Health.  I have specialized training in cranial lymphedema. Call 630-241-4100 for complimentary phone consultation, initial consultation, first visit, informational group monthly event entitled "Lymphormation Lecture".   What is BodyTherapy? BodyTherapy uses hands-on manipulation to release the body to a dynamic state of health.  It approaches each body in a way that is sensitive to the unique composition and needs of each individual.   Techniques used may include: Therapeutic Touch, Trigger Point Therapies, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial and Cranial Fascia Release, Ohashi Shiatsu and other Therapeutic Massage, Vitaflex, and Reflexology.   Through these therapies, you will experience an increase in flexibility, circulation, and immune function.



_____________________________________________________________________ 120 MIN LYMPH FLUSH AND LYMPH DRAINAGE MEDICAL MASSAGE

(Save $85-185. LYMPH SYSTEM FLUSHING, MANUAL LYMPHATIC MASSAGE, DETOX 120 minute Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage With Experienced Therapists Maribel & Margaret or Clinic Director,  Luda Lynch in Joliet or Clinic Director, Abdu Alagha in Downers Grove, MMBS, CLT-LANA, LMT-BCTMB   MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE MASSAGES  EXPERIENCE The Vogel Lymphatic Method With 30 years of manual therapy through IL state licensure, we have the caring nature and industry experience to help.  Our Biomedical background, BCTMB national board certification, as well as CLT Certified Lymph Therapists  have created a unique three-step protocol during each visit: 1)    Myofascial Release, to release tightness, 2)   Opening the lymph junctures so fluid can flow.        A CLT Certified  Lymph Therapist is Licensed and Certified        through their scope of practice to perform this step.        Otherwise, cellulitis may occur because what happens is that the        fluid is pushed toward a closed doorway. 3)    Manual Lymph Drainage Massage to drain                  inflammation, move fluid across junctures and soften hardened tissue.

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