Two Locations:  Downers Grove & Joliet

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We are here for you when you need us. Through our HIPPA compliant software, we can give professional consult, assessment, instruction and more to current or previously seen patients. If you are new patient, then the appointment can be consult and lymphatic information without assessment nor evaluation. You will receive an email asking you to fill out the health intake form with new information and read waiver which speaks of HIPPA compliant video consult. 


Click here to schedule your INTRO FIRST VISIT with Clinic Director Sharon M Vogel. 

This 35 min / $100. or 65 min / $150.  service offers health intake, consultation, assessment, evaluation, plus Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage to help pre/post surgical patients or to detoxify from from diet, medications, toxins, fats, and alleviate edema of many forms thus helping to alleviate edema, pain, muscle pain of many forms plus encourage immune system.


Measurements, Skin Care,  Educational Self Care, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage MLD therapy is needed to drain the inflammation and lesson pain.  This treatment is done with care.  Gently fibrotic tissue is released and expertly the lymphatic fluid is drained into the lymph vessels for your body to process. It is instant relief, please read our many online reviews at Yelp, Google, BBB, and on Massage Book.   

With this special, you receive a complimentary phone consult before your visit and a complimentary video TELEhealth for a later date. We have three CLT Certified Lymphedema Therapists:  Dr. Abdul A., Luda Lynch, and Sharon Vogel



Receive the relief that you need with The Vogel Method.  In as soon as 10 minutes, patients tell us that they have found a profound softening  of hard lumps and bumps, plus alleviated hardness from bloating and fullness with Vogel Method manual lymphatic drainage massage VMLD. 

Do understand that the swelling returns, but it is like bath water running to cleanse the tissue and help you to heal.  The secret is to continue to receive regular VMLD until you body is back to normal.  After an intake, assessment, evaluation and consult, the clinic director will determine which service and time increment is best suited for you.

We offer (5) packs and (10) packs in increments of 35 min or 65 min. The timing is specific to your surgeries and any pre existing conditions.  Although a complicated case needs slower and lighter palpation, more time does not necessarily mean better and this is why all new patient relationships begin with a First Visit Intro of 35 or 65 min.